An Outstanding Horse Boarding Facility in Westhampton, MA

The love of horses is an all-encompassing feeling that everyone at our farm knows very well. That is why we provide outstanding support and service to all of our horses and their owners at Starwind Farms. Our horse boarding facility in Westhampton, MA, offers complete boarding care for horses, emphasizing natural horsemanship, dressage, and show jumping.

Our focus is always on putting the horses’ well-being front and center by using natural principles to guide our choices. These lead to the best outcomes and attention for the animals and the riders.

You will find our location very convenient as we’re situated just minutes from downtown, on 11 acres of prime pastureland, which is great for turning out the horses. Our new 80 X 180 foot indoor horse-riding arena lets riders and horses bond and work together year-round. We also feature easy access to miles and miles of natural trails that surround the farm.


Now accepting applications for full board. Please contact Cynthia directly at 401.261.7462 for more information.