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Filming Locations

Starwind farm offers many different options for on-site shooting in service to the film industry. A description of the facility follows:

There is a five-stall barn with a small tack room and hayloft above.

A new three stall barn with a great room above it.

SIPS paneled 80×180 foot arena with a hay house/equipment house attached.

There are 3 large grass paddocks next to the 3-stall barn.

Five huge grass paddocks next to the 5-stall barn

There is a large, fenced outdoor arena and a stream along the backside of the property.

We have willows, oaks and birch trees.

The 3-stall side has enough room for a 53-foot trailer to pull in and turn around.

There are hotels within 14-18 minutes of the property along with many catering options.

There is ample room for on site trailer placement.

Horses available on site and shipped in equine talent can be accommodated.

Year-round availabilities.

Outdoor Locations

Indoor Locations

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