Horse Body Clipping in Westhampton, MA

Your horse is a reliable companion whether you’re training competitively or training them to walk through trails. However, the weather can play a big role in your horse overheating and feeling uncomfortable; Starwind Farms offers services for horse body clipping in Westhampton, MA, that can be done on-site for your convenience. Keeping your horse cool for the winter season means that it’s less likely to sweat and will keep them dry throughout your training activities. Their coat can grow pretty thick when it’s cold, but without help, you can keep it comfortable for your horse.

You can trust us to take good care of your horse with our horse boarding services. Our staff is highly experienced in horse handling; with our large horse boarding facility, you can rest assured that they will be comfortable, exercised, and properly groomed. We strive to create a positive and calm environment where everyone can find growth, peace, and joy. Part of this ideal is to ensure that horses are properly groomed for hygiene and health reasons, which is why you can rely on our horse clipping services when your horse needs it most. Keeping your horse cool for training is essential in order to achieve the best performance.

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