Skillful and Thorough Saddle Fitting Service in Westhampton, MA

You wouldn’t stand wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing, and it is no different when you’re talking about outfitting your horse. While they don’t wear clothes, of course, you both depend on their equipment to fit correctly. Starwind Farm offers a saddle fitting service in Westhampton, MA, that will determine the ideal fit for your horse in terms of both safety and style.

A saddle is a piece of protective equipment, and it must fit well to be effective. If it does not, then it’s not going to do the job and will also be uncomfortable. A loose saddle will move around and possibly chafe the horse, and it won’t be safe for either the rider or animal. It’s important to ensure your saddle fits your horse properly. Just as it works with people, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

In addition to helping fit saddles, we also offer horse body clipping services. Clipping not only cuts down on grooming time but also benefits the horse by allowing heat to escape so that the animal does not get too sweaty. This service allows the horse to dry and cool off more effectively and be more content.

Whenever you need these services, horse training, or great trails to ride, contact us at Starwind Farms to learn more about what we have to offer you.