Your First Choice for Horse Boarding in Westhampton, MA

There’s nothing more special than the bond between human and horse. That’s why you want to ensure that your horse has a comfortable, safe, and friendly environment to call home.

Starwind Farm offers all the services and amenities that your horse requires to stay happy and healthy, including comprehensive horse boarding in Westhampton, MA.

Our Boarding Services

Our full horse boarding services include:

  • Daily turn out/turn in
  • Daily blanket changes as needed based on temperatures and horse’s need
  • Daily hay 4x day
  • Daily grain 2x day
  • Daily mucking of stalls
  • Regular maintenance of turn outs and paddocks
  • Constant reply of fresh water
  • Cleaning of water buckets and feed buckets as needed/every other day
  • Daily supplements (provided by owner, bagged and marked)
  • Access to indoor riding arena, outdoor arena and trails
  • Access to lounge area
  • Storage for tack and horse gear

Additional Services

  • Body Clipping
  • Saddle fitting


We’re also happy to offer an indoor and outdoor arena access program for non-boarding horses. Simply contact Cynthia for more information.

Simply ask one of our friendly team members for more information.

Contact Our Horse Farm & Horse Training Facility
Starwind Farm is so much more than just a boarding facility—it’s also a training facility where riders, jumpers, and horse enthusiasts can grow and improve alongside their horses. We invite you to reach out to our horse farm today for more information about any of our services. Our team of professionals looks forward to hearing from you soon. And—of course—we can’t wait to meet you and your equine friend.